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Our Leadership Coaches

Not all coaches are created equal. In a field that is unregulated and where anyone can profess to be an executive coach or to provide leadership coaching, finding a coach to meet the unique needs of executives and senior leaders can be challenging. They need a coach with significant business acumen as well as an understanding of organizational systems, culture and the context in which the leader works. This is in addition to having extensive training in emotional and social intelligence, behavioral dysfunction, group dynamics, brain development and behavioral change.

At Caliber Leadership Systems, our leadership coaches have the experience and background to meet all of these requirements. Our approach to coaching executives and leaders comes out of our vast consulting experience and work with senior leaders that naturally emerge in the context of our other consulting services. Our Caliber Leadership Coaching model has been created to meet the needs of leaders and those of the business.

Because we specialize in working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior executives, our leadership coaching is usually done in the context of organizational growth and change. Without the systems in place to support behavioral change in leaders, leadership coaching can fail to have any impact on implementing new behaviors. Our process involves scoping the context for the leader, and the assessment of their personality, beliefs and current practices before their coaching process begins.

Leadership Coaching at a distance…….

Want to work with us but not in the Toronto area? We provide coaching services by telephone or Skype. We use exactly the same process as in face-to-face meetings to ensure that the quality of our services remains as high as ever.