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Not all approaches to development work for Narcissistic Leaders. It is said that it is most difficult to change the behavior of narcissistic people. This is because they can’t see past their perfect image of themselves to the real person behind it. 

Developing their emotional intelligence, including building self-awareness, developing empathy and reflecting on their behavior are all critical to their long-term success as leaders. 

In order to successfully develop Narcissistic Leaders you need to hire Leadership Coach with a psychology and business background. The Coach needs to understand their personality structure, their defenses and be able to confront their dysfunctional behavior.

They also benefit from participating in a Leadership Development Program with a small group format which includes Emotional Intelligence training. These people tend to have some natural leader-ship characteristics without having the necessary skills to manage, develop and assess performance. Participating in a team training program lets them be recognized for their progress while, getting feedback from their peers.

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