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1.  Building Self-Awareness

2.  Leading Performance

3.  Building the Team

4.  Connecting the Team to       the Business


​​​​​​​Leadership Foundations Team Coaching Program 

Most organizations reach a stage of growth where they need to strengthen the leadership skills and effectiveness of its mid-level leaders. The goal is to build their capabilities and align them around consistent practices for leading within their own functional areas of responsibility as well as cross-functionally/collaboratively.

The Program consists of 4 stages, each with a different focus that can be customized depending on the needs of the participants and the priorities of the organization. It is designed to address the actual challenges that leaders are currently facing, providing them with the tools, training and coaching they need to overcome these challenges.

Following an initial 3-hour orientation session, the program involves a series of 2 – 2½ hour skill specific modules conducted every 2 – 3 weeks with, ideally, 4 - 6 participants.

Individual Coaching Modules

We offer a wide range of coaching modules that we customize to meet the needs of your organization. 

Stage One: Building Self-Awareness

-   Emotional Intelligence

-   Effective Communication

-   Managing Conflict

-   Issue Resolution Skills 

-   Impact & Influence Skills 

Stage Two: Leading Performance

-   Planning Performance - Setting Expectations 

-   Assessing Performance - Giving Feedback

-   Reviewing & Developing Performance

-   Holding Employees Accountable 

Stage Three: Building the Team

-   Team Building, Team Charter 

-   Effective Delegation 

-   Identifying High Performers

-   Building Organizational Bench Strength

-   Building High Performance Teams

Stage Four: Connecting the Team to the Business

-   Leading during Growth (Planning, Team Structure) 

-   Leading from the Middle 

-   Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills

​-   Strategic Planning

Building Leadership Competence on-the-Job
The Caliber Leadership Foundations Coaching Program allows participants to have the opportunity to relate the learnings to their real life needs as leaders in order for them to be able to demonstrate and sustain behavioral changes. 

At the end of each group coaching session, participants are assigned ‘homework’ which requires them to practice the skills covered in the session and prepare themselves for the next session. The start of each session explores how they did with the homework and ensures they completed the work assigned.

The program also includes participant accountability in the form of developmental goals, assessment of progress and measurement of outcomes based on a process defined in the planning step of the program.

Additional Coaching Support
Our Leadership Coaches have decades of experience working with leaders at all levels of the organization: from supervisors to C-Suite. In addition to the group facilitation, we offer one-to-one coaching to supplement and address high need individuals.