Mastering Leadership and Entrepreneurship with Dynamic Coaching 

Some leaders think they are doing a great job without asking employees or peers for feedback. Lacking in self-awareness, they are shocked when they learn how others experience them as leaders. 

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It Starts with Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is always the first step to development just as it is a prerequisite for effective communication, and interpersonal relations. Self-awareness includes recognition of our personality, our strengths and weaknesses, our likes and dislikes. It helps us to recognize when we are stressed or under pressure and how our behavior changes during that time.

Self-awareness is crucial to growth and personal development. It allows us to observe behavior non-judgmentally and to mature emotionally.

There are many pathways to increase self-awareness. Personality assessments such as the Striving Styles Personality Assessment (SSPS), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-I), are all ways of gathering information about aspects of your nature to help you become more self aware. 

Coaching & Development Using Personality Assessment

We use personality assessments at the start of our coaching and development programs to help leaders and team members to increase their self-awareness. Most existing approaches focus on strengths/weaknesses or preferences, leaving out insight into unconscious patterns of behavior and emotions that typically get in the way of development, despite everyone's best intentions.  

For leaders or employees to develop, they must understand the mechanics of their mind and the emotional drivers of their behavior.  Using this type of approach fast-tracks leaders to be aware of their nature, emotions, and how their brain is organized. It opens the door for discussion about how they will best learn and develop, how they will process information and what might get in the way -- fear, embarrassment, etc. -- of trying new behaviors and shifting from unproductive reactions to other people and work situations.   

"Anne's business coaching and tools gave my co-founder and I a framework for setting goals with measurable results for our business. These early discussions helped us better understand each other as well as our business. This coaching laid a fantastic foundation for Vubble."

Katie McGuire

Chief Development Officer