Mastering Leadership and Entrepreneurship with Dynamic Coaching 

Anne's business coaching and tools gave my co-founder and I a framework for setting goals with measurable results for our business. These early discussions helped us better understand each other as well as our business. This coaching laid a fantastic foundation for Vubble.  

Katie MacGuire

Chief Development Officer


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​​​​​​Is Leadership Coaching for You?

Growth and development don’t stop because someone has achieved a senior leadership position. ​Many successful leaders use an executive coach to help them with the unique challenges they face in their role.

C-level executives who used leadership coaches to help them get to the top retain them even after they've made it to the top. They know the benefit of having an someone to help them build a strong leadership team, engender loyalty, and to work through politics, conflict and difficult decisions.

Coaching isn’t about fixing what is broken. It’s about achieving mastery and authenticity as a leader. 

​Coaching is also a great opportunity to accelerate your career by developing the interpersonal skills required to engage people and lead performance.  At any stage, when you hire a coach, you've put someone in your corner who can help you work through issues you don’t feel comfortable taking to a colleague, boss or HR leader who may be in a position to evaluate you for promotions, raises and bonuses.

Executive & Leadership Coaching can help you if……..

  • You have difficulty delegating to others and end up spending too much time “in the              weeds”.
  • Your business has grown and you are at the limit of how much you can stretch.
  • You are so busy doing that you aren’t planning.
  • You are having power struggles with direct reports.
  • You need to “manage up” because your boss is difficult or dysfunctional.
  • You need your direct reports to take more responsibility.
  • You have difficulty holding your direct reports accountable.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the people and tasks competing for your attention.
  • You have too many “yes” people around you and would like more direct and honest            feedback.
  • You need to refine elements of your management style that are interfering with your          success.
  • Want to prepare for the next level of leadership.