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"It was recommended to me by a close friend in November 2013 to attend one session with Anne Dranitsaris and it has proven to be one of the most valuable decisions of my life.  Since that initial session, Anne and I have continued to work together, expanding my understanding of my place in the world of business as well as my personal development in life. I could use countless words to describe my experience and development with her, but I will use the single word that encapsulates it all, empowering!  With her high level of expertise, she has unlocked within me, the realization and understanding that we possess all the power we need to accomplish our goals, desires and ambitions." 

Steve Kipp 

Owner, Operator

Construction Industry

​​​​​​​​Executive & Leadership Coaching 

Leadership is critical to the success of your business. Often, leaders get stuck when their business grows beyond their skill level and comfort zone, and they don’t know how to lead the business out of this state. This is where Leadership Coaching can help. Leadership Coaching can have a huge impact on leaders who are struggling with the behaviour of direct reports or other aspect of their roles - especially areas such as building organizational alignment, delegating authority, building bench strength, holding people accountable and strengthening leadership team function.

Most companies now see coaching as a positive step: a way of developing their most important people, an alternative to the mentoring that no longer takes place in most companies. With executive coaching surging in popularity, top talent now competes to be assigned coaches, so they can become stronger leaders and more effective value creators.

Caliber Leadership Coaching in an Organizational Context​ 

Leadership Coaching cannot be done without understanding and addressing the negative dynamics between leaders and their people that cause instability and high turnover. While leaders can excel at achieving business goals, they don't always understand the impact their behaviour has on their employees and how it can become a barrier to their success. Executive and leadership development transforms leaders by building self-awareness, so that the changes they experience, and the contextual change around them, are sustainable over time.

Without the proper systems being in place to support behavioural change in leaders and leadership teams, leadership development can fail to have any impact on the organization. Because we specialize in working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior executives, we are used to developing and coaching leaders in the context of organizational growth and change. Our process involves scoping the context for the leader, and the assessment of personality, beliefs and current practices before we get to work. We have all the tools you need to strengthen leadership capacity in your organization.