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​​It's important to choose a leadership coach who has business experience and understands people; their personality, their resistance and ultimately what they need to facilitate their growth. 

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"Anne Dranitsaris at Caliber Leadership Systems has been instrumental at helping me as a Leader and Entrepreneur.  Her extensive knowledge and experience in coaching has helped me clarifying areas of my personal leadership style and self-awareness.  With this new knowledge, I have been able to make better decisions and perform at my true potential.  I believe this development has made me a better leader.  I highly recommend the Caliber Leadership Systems."

Shelby Hacala
Professional EOS Implementer 
YPO-WPO Certified Facilitator
EO Certified Facilitator
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​​Choosing a Leadership Coach

We want you to be able to ensure that when choosing an Executive or Leadership Coach, you know what questions to ask to ensure that the coaches skills and experience are aligned with the needs of  your leaders as well as the needs of your organization. 

Here are some questions to ask:

What experience does the Leadership Coach have in developing people?

Many former leaders started out as a Leadership Coach because they coached their people throughout their career. While these people can act as trusted advisers, they often fall short of understanding and empathizing with other leaders. They don’t actually have the experience of helping develop interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills that are so much a part of the work leaders do during coaching sessions.

Does this Leadership Coach have business experience?
Understanding the context that Leadership Coaching will be delivered in is critical. Often coaches put unreasonable expectations on their clients or they don’t know how to identify and deal with resistance in a facilitative fashion. Coaches need to be interviewed using behavioral-based interview questions so you get a chance to see how they have dealt with issues in the past.

Will the Leadership Coach be able to give direct feedback to the leader?
A Leadership Coach needs to have the confidence and ability to give the necessary feedback to the leader without fear of reprisal. Honesty, authenticity and assertiveness are all important characteristics of a competent Leadership Coach.

How does the Leadership Coach assess and give feedback to executives and leaders?
All leaders don’t have the same personality and leadership style. Many leaders don’t have any leadership training and they operate on raw talent. The Leadership Coach needs to be able to assess the personality style of the leaders, talk about their skills and behavioral challenges and guide them to enhanced performance.

Does the Leadership Coach have experience building leadership teams?
Even senior executives fail to develop up their leadership team. An effective Leadership Coach has the ability to evaluate the team dynamics and coach the leader on developing the team and dealing with any conflict and power struggles between team members.

Does the Leadership Coach have a process they use when coaching leaders?
A coaching process must have a beginning, middle and end point they work from to track progress against desired results. Each of the stages involve different activities and expectations for participation help the leader stay on track.

Will they focus primarily on business-related issues?
Executive Coaching is not the same as therapy even though their issues are often a result of fears, lack of confidence, not knowing who to trust, codependence, etc. and must be examined and worked through. Because interpersonal relationships are often a challenge for leaders (managing performance, holding people accountable, issues resolution, effective communication) the Leadership Coach needs to facilitate behavioral change in leaders that drive business results.