Caliber's Coaching Process

Too often, companies spend money on coaching leaders and management teams without having solid systems such as performance management, rewards, or planning in place. Companies could also be trying to develop leaders during a period of change or growth. For this reason, before the coaching process begins, we determine the organizational context in which coaching will be provided.

Once the organizational context has been established, the Caliber Coaching Process can begin. With a solid framework to measure the behavior of leaders participating in the process, we assess the strengths and development needs of each of the leaders participating in coaching.

The Caliber Leadership Coaching Process consists of 5 steps:

1. Contracting

A initial meeting to define expectations take place before the individual coaching begins. During the meeting, we identify key success factors for a specific leadership or team's current and potential role. We also determine the specific results that can be expected from the coaching sessions.  Addressing the issues that are being faced by the leader will help to define organizational and individual expectations and support the business objectives.

Contracting also includes articulating the roles and responsibilities of the leadership coach and participant. Milestones and timelines for development are also determined during this meeting. 

2. Comprehensive Assessment

The second step in the Caliber Coaching Process is the assessment of each leader's individual leadership. We use a number of psychometric assessments (Striving Styles Personality Assessment, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Emotional Quotient Inventory as well as other Leadership Competency Assessments or 360 Feedback Indicator. We customize our approach to coaching based on the learning style of the leader based on the results of the personality assessments. The Leadership Assessment results clearly illustrate areas of strength as well as those requiring attention. This paints a clear picture for the leader and focuses and informs the coaching process.

3. Interpretation Session and Planning

During the session, we interpret the results of the personality assessment and how it impacts the individuals approach to leadership; their emotional needs and their self-protective behaviors. We offer insight into their interpersonal dynamics while creating a roadmap for their development. During the interpretation session, the coach will identify barriers to success and answer any questions about the coaching process. At the end of the session a plan for next steps, assigned reading and other homework will be given to the leader. 

4. Ongoing Coaching Sessions
Leadership Coaching sessions are conducted weekly or biweekly, in person, by phone, Facetime or Skype.  During the sessions, the coaches focuses the conversation on current issues and introduces tools for the leader to use at work (i.e. conflict resolution planner, feedback planner, meeting management tools, etc. The leader participates by bringing issues to be resolved, experiments with new behaviors and identifies barriers to their development. 

The coach ensures the milestones are being met and the ground rules are being followed, and the coaching process continues to be focused on the leader's and organization's business needs.

5. Reviewing and Maintaining Success
Following the agreed upon period of coaching, an abridged version of the initial assessment is conducted to determine the impact of the Caliber Coaching Process on the individual and the organization. The results of the assessment give credit for progress and address areas in which changes are still required. The results are shared with key stakeholders to further the development of the leadership.

Research shows that this type of review is a critical factor in the success of the entire coaching process and encourages further development by demonstrating concrete results.

1. Contracting

2. Comprehensive Assessment

3. Interpretation Session &           Planning

4. Ongoing Coaching Sessions

5. Reviewing & Maintaining         Success


Leadership behaviour can be changed and developed through the Caliber Leadership Coaching Process.

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