Mastering Leadership and Entrepreneurship with Dynamic Coaching 

​​Discover the benefits of understanding your brain's organization and the impact it has on your leadership style.   

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Assessing Personality & Dynamics

As humans, we are driven to ask the question ‘Who am I?’ In business, as a leader or entrepreneur, using this kind of insight about ourselves and others leads to stronger performance and greater personal satisfaction.

At Caliber, we use a number of different psychometric assessments, including our proprietary, brain-based Striving Styles Personality Assessment. We also use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Emotional Quotient Inventory to assess behavioral competence and tendencies. Our leadership assessment tools developed by Caliber are customizable for client needs.

In addition for use with Leadership Coaching, these assessments can be used to develop high performance leadership teams, drive rapid effectiveness of new teams, support career management efforts and improve relationships at all levels of the organization.

Discover the Unique Patterns of Leadership Behaviors

Self-awareness is the first key benefit that leaders using get from understanding their personality type or Striving Style. As individuals begin to comprehend their own preferences and the underlying forces that direct them, they are better able to manage their emotions and understand behaviors that get in the way of their success as leaders. Examining behavior is one thing, but examining the true drivers of behavior — needs and emotions — takes leadership performance to an entirely different level.

Coaching, in combination with leadership assessments, gives leaders the opportunity to literally remap their brains, shifting their own behaviors to motivate and influence others of different Styles. They become accepting of the work styles of others, and they stop relying on just their own frame of reference. It's a revelation, and it really works.

Create Nimble Leaders for Today's Business Environment

Leadership assessment and coaching allows leaders the opportunity to open themselves up to different perspectives and new ways of thinking. The results are immediate: more effective problem-solving, faster resolution of conflicts, better communication, and improved employee performance. Through adjustments as required in each situation, a leader rises to meet the challenges in the workplace for better results.