Our articles cover a variety of topics related to leadership, organizational and emotional development. They help to educate readers on how self-awareness and emotional development enhance our capacity as leaders, entrepreneurs and team members. We make it easy to understand how to become aware of the emotional needs that drive your behavior and how to lead and live authentically. 

We also have a wide range of articles on the Striving Styles Personality System and its applications in including leadership and organizational development, employee motivation, performance management, and high performance culture, to name a few.


5 Dysfunctional Leadership Styles - Part I: The Narcissistic Leader

​Aligning Leadership Behavior with Emotional Norms

Are Ego-Driven Leaders Negatively Impacting Employee Performance?

Are You a Codependent Leader?

Emotions, Behavior & the Dynamics of Leadership

Employers need to think differently about L&D if they want more innovative workers

How Much of Your Brain Do You Lead With?

Leading Using the Whole Brain

​Leadership Selection Candidate Report

Personality & the Brain: A New Paradigm for Leadership Development

The Art of Not Demotivating Your Employees

The Entrepreneurial Personality: Are you in the way of the growth of your business?

Personal Development

Are You Following Your Dreams?

Dare To Dream: Who Am I Meant to Be?

Let Me Help You, Please!

​Feelings Aren’t Facts – Emotional Reasoning

Who Are You Meant to Be?

Personality Type - Striving Styles
Are You Striving or Simply Surviving?
Becoming Your Best Self

Brain-based Behavioral Interview Guide - Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Striving Styles® Personality System

​Brain-based Career Reports - Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

​​Romance Styles of the 16 MBTI® Personality Types

Striving Styles and Teamwork

Striving Styles Personality System – Beyond the MBTI
We Can Change Our Brain and Our Behavior
When Did You Last Feel Truly Connected to Yourself?
Who Am I Meant to Be?

Employee Performance

5 Stages of Growth in Authentic Organizations - HRPA Conference 2015

Building the Health of an Organization and Its People
By Understanding Behavior We Can Manage Performance

Candidate Selection Services
Closing the Knowing Doing Gap

​Creating Mental Health in Organizations

Does the Female Brain Get in the Way of Business Success?

​Does Your Incentive Plan Need Rescuing?

Employee Engagement is an Emotional Issue

From Administration to C-Suite: The Five Stages of Human Resources Development

Managing Performance by Understanding Behavior

Identifying Passive-Aggressive Behavior in Organizations

Intrinsic Motivation and the Striving Styles System

​Lessons to Learn: A Different Slant on Training & Development

Performance Management Pain Points

Presenteeism and the Disengaged Employee

Stages of Organizational Growth in an Entrepreneurial Organization
Stop Wasting Your Development Dollars

The Importance of Creating a Sense of Belonging in Organizations

The Role of Emotions in Organizations

Using the Striving Styles System in the Workplace

Dealing with Dysfunctional Behavior

A Brain-based Approach to Understanding Conflict Styles: and why we react the way we do during stress

Brain-Based Training & Development

Conflict Styles
Cultural Dysfunction and Wellness

Debunking the Myths about Codependency
Do You Suffer from the Imposter Syndrome?
How is Your Emotional Intelligence?

I Think, Therefore I Am: Dealing With An Inflated Self-Concept
Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Defensive Behaviour
Take Greater Control of Your Mental Health

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