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"Moving an organization forward can be difficult at times but the help received from Anne Dranitsaris and Caliber Leadership Systems has been invaluable."

Donald Paterson

The Paterson Foundation 

Anne has been featured in the media — on radio and on television — as well as in a wide range of national and international publications including:

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Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D.

A highly sought after Executive and Corporate Leadership Coach and Consultant,
Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D.has over 30 years’ experience working with the senior ranks of leaders from entrepreneurial start-ups to international organizations. Anne’s clients include senior executives, senior government officials, and leadership teams from organizations such as Placer Dome, Kinross Gold, Versacold, Ventra Mechanical and Ventra Plastics, CIBC, Beanfield Metroconnect, Business Development Bank of Canada, Seroyal International, the Paterson Foundation, and many more.

Anne is an expert in the neuro-psychology of personality and its applications in leadership development as well as a seasoned entrepreneur with several businesses of her own.  

During the late 1980’s, while working as Director of Development for two successful start-ups, Anne experienced first-hand the challenges that entrepreneurs encountered as they go through the normal
stages of organizational growth. Realizing that even the most successful businesses reach a point where growth is stalled, she became one of Toronto’s first executive coaches. Anne has done extensive work on global leadership development initiatives, providing both individual coaching and facilitating high performance team development at the executive and senior management levels.

Unique Approach to Leadership Coaching & Organizational Effectiveness
Anne and her business partner,
Heather Hilliard, founded Caliber Leadership Systems, a boutique consulting firm specializing in offering leaders and entrepreneurs a full range of consulting and coaching services.  Caliber Leadership Systems offers a full range of Consulting Services to identify opportunities and challenges, and Leadership Coaching to help leaders implement solutions. At Caliber, we discover the issues, offer solutions, and work one-on-one with leaders and teams until they have integrated new processes and leadership behaviors that ensures their success.

Because of her great experience coaching CEOs and senior executives and her depth of understanding of developmental psychology, Anne has developed a unique understanding of what gets in the way of people becoming high caliber leaders. Her powerful insight into the emotional drivers of behavior moves leaders quickly past barriers to their success and that of their organization.

Expert in Personality Type & Leadership Styles
Anne has been a Qualified Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) since 1984. She is qualified to use a number of psychometric instruments including the MBTI, BarOn Eq-I, and Striving Styles Personality Assessment.

Anne’s work using psychometric assessment, psychological type, emotional intelligence and the dynamics of human behaviour, influenced the development of the Striving Styles Personality System®  (SSPS) – a neuro-psychological approach to discovering and developing your full potential. This proprietary psychometric assessment and system for development is used in identifying leadership styles and the challenges they experience as leaders of organizations and teams.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation
While conflict is a normal part of organizational life, conflict on leadership teams creates silos, chaos and a negative work environment for employees. A trained and skilled mediator in Alternate Dispute Resolution, Anne provides coaching and mediation for individuals experiencing difficulties with their business because of conflict in primary relationships (partners, leadership groups, teams, boards, etc.). She also offers training to leaders in issues resolution, interest-based negotiation and conflict management.

Author and Speaker
Anne is a prolific and frequently cited writer on a broad range of topics on organizational dysfunction, behavior, emotional intelligence and personality styles and their impact in the workplace. Prior to developing the SSPS, she authored two distinct series of books based on Jung's theory of Psychological Type to support her work with clients using the MBTI.

Anne’s books include the Brain-based Behavioral Interview Guide and over 75 books for use with the SSPS and MBTI. These books help leaders during the coaching process to understand themselves, their environment, their relationships as well as to understand the impact of personality type on employees, teams and leaders.

She is the co-author of the popular book on personality type
“Who Are You Meant to Be – A groundbreaking, step-by-step approach to identifying and achieving your true potential." Anne and Heather are currently working on Codependent Leaders, a book for understanding and working through the barriers to becoming an authentic leader.

As a speaker, Anne is informative and inspiring. Some of her many articles and presentations are available on Our Resources page and on 
Slideshare. Audiences love her unusual, thought-provoking and often cutting-edge concepts and insights, delivered with both humor and energy. They relate easily to her ideas as well as her illustrative and entertaining stories, and feel inspired to take action and improve.

Anne has delivered a wide-range of courses and workshops to entrepreneurs, business & professional associations, employees, Human Resource professionals and women’s groups.